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Daybreak is a late night raiding guild that strives to accomplish as much as possible on an alternative schedule. We are a laid back and polite guild comprised of members that are very skillful at their respective classes.


Mythic: Tectus

Figit a posted Jan 17, 15
Mythic: Textus

Mythic: The Butcher

Figit a posted Jan 17, 15
Mythic: The Butcher
Avido Unacceptable. I should not have to scroll to see our glory!
Figit a Avido, your lack of vision worries me, just scroll down a little bit and youll see the glory of the warlocks. plus I wa ...
Avido What happened to the Warlock picture? How are we going to get any apps without the Warlock picture?!?!?!

Warlocks of Daybreak

Figit a posted Oct 12, 14
Warlocks of Daybreak
Snuffymcmoo I see the warlocks are still at it. ^^
Zamn omg can someone delete this please otherwise no one will join us for wod. stupid warlocks
Kennypowers ............

Garrosh Hellscream 25

Figit a posted Apr 29, 14
Heroic 25 Garrosh Hellscream
Sativaus So nice guys, glad I could be around to experience that. Thanks for holding it down like that.
Battery Put that fucker in the ground!
Kennypowers Good job guys!! Let's go make a reddit post about with our wipe count so the entire world can start flaming!
Heroic Paragons
Sativaus Look at you guys. Killing internet dinosaurs and shit.
Kennypowers sexy fucking picture as always dudes
Machine Feels so gooooood